Arlington Gets Ready to Host 2018 NFL Draft

It will be the first time AT&T Stadium hosts the three-day event

Cowboys Nation is making final preparations for the 2018 NFL Draft.

It will be the first time AT&T Stadium hosts the three-day event, which begins Thursday.

Thursday, the NFL Fan Experience will offer free entertainment for fans outside the stadium located in Arlington.

While experiencing an NFL draft is a first for North Texas, it isn’t a first for a local family.

“We went to the draft a few years ago in Chicago,” said Michael Flanagan. “It was a really neat experience.”

Flanagan said he and his son Patrick won a trip to the NFL draft in Chicago three years ago.

“It was a great energy and enthusiasm,” said Flanagan.” Everybody there is excited about the prospects of their team for the following year:”

The father and son duo stood in line for three hours on Sunday afternoon hoping to meet Ezekiel Elliott and buy some of his merchandise. Flanagan is excited and hopes to catch a glimpse of the Cowboys’ newest players on Thursday.

“We need all the defensive help we can get that’s for sure,” he said.

An estimated 60,000 people will be allowed to watch the event inside. Many more will be able to take in activities outside AT&T Stadium. The 2018 NFL Draft begins Thursday at 7 p.m. The outdoor draft experience opens at Noon on Thursday.

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