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North Texas Farm Gives Animals a Second Chance

There's a special place in Granbury for animals that have been injured, abused or have special needs.

It's called "Second Chance Farm."

Sandi Walker is the owner of the 70-acre property, which is home to nearly 100 critters of all kinds.

The menagerie includes blind horses, deaf dogs and injured sheep, just to name a few.

"We will turn down a perfectly normal healthy animal for a deaf and blind one, for one that's starving to death. You give us those," Walker says.

Walker never set out to create an animal sanctuary. But 18 years ago, one of her beloved horses went blind. She also had a crippled cow.

"I had several people tell me 'Why don't you just put 'em down? Why? They're not hurting. They have a good quality of life.'"

Word spread quickly about Sandi's caring ways, and soon she had farm full of animals that all had special, often heartbreaking stories.

All of the animals at Second Chance Farm receive veterinary care, quality food and comfortable shelter.

Local volunteers help Sandi manage the non-stop chores. Supporters from all over the world make online donations to help ease the financial burden on Sandi's family farm.

"It warms my heart how many people want to help. I had no idea," Walker says.

Many of the animals are up for adoption.

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Finding new homes creates room for other animals.

Unfortunately, Walker says the need never ends. Neither does the work, which goes on 24/7.

Despite that, Walker intends to save as many animals for as long as she can.

"I want to do it forever. It's my heart. It's my soul," she says.

For more information about Second Chance Farm, click here.

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