North Texas Fans, Friends Remember Carrie Fisher

Fans, friends and fellow Star Wars actors are remembering Carrie Fisher, an author and actor known for her role as Princess Leia.

Fisher died Tuesday at her home in Los Angeles, and her death hits home for many in North Texas.

Star Wars action figures, including many of Princess Leia, line walls and shelves at Order 66 Toys in McKinney.

As tough as it is to upstage Jaba the Hut and Chewbacca, Princess Leia is stealing the show as fans reflect on the fierce, female persona that is the Leia legacy.

"She was a really big idol to me," said Kaleigh Warrington. "It just made me feel like I could do the same thing whether it be like a doctor or anything like that."

Order 66 Toys owner Jeff Durazzo knew Fisher on a first name basis.

"We all love Carrie," he said.

To say Durazzo is a fan would be an understatement of the century.

His livelihood hinges on Star Wars success.

He says having its leading lady in the history books, "It’s going to be sad. She is so iconic and to see her in her last film's going to be sad."

Finding comfort in this post-Christmas chaos are fans and fellow Star Wars stars who are praising the Hollywood icon for being comfortable in costume and even more comfortable in her own skin.

"She left that legacy that she played this character that kind of really helps woman to identify with that, and to be themselves, and to be the strong person that they should be and just to be themselves," said Nalini Krishan, who played the role of Barriss Offee, a female jedi in the film Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones.

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