North Texas Families Turn to Affordable Summer Fun as Inflation Hits New High

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In the heart of downtown Dallas is a haven of free fun. Klyde Warren Park has long been a destination.

But as inflation hits a 40-year high, moms like Julie Turner have a whole new appreciation for the urban oasis.

"It means, you Google all the free things. I'm constantly online. I'm reading moms' blogs and trying to find out locally what's free, what's cheap, what's discounted,” said Turner.

This summer, she said that will include a library day, time in museums, splash pads and anywhere they can find shade.

Like others, Turner said her family's felt pinched, whether at the grocery store, where food prices are up nearly 10% or at the gas pump.

"We have a certain amount of money that we have for gas every single week and that's all we spend. And honestly, if we run out and we don't have any more gas money, we don't go places,” she said.

Friday, Minyoun Winkley brought granddaughters Abby and Aubrey to the park after spending the morning enjoying free museum admission.

She said her family’s annual trip to Orlando may get delayed now that airfares have climbed nearly 40% and hotel stays more than 20% since last May.

"We were just saying how we may not go this summer. We kind of spread things out, possibly in December. So we have a cruise planned for all of us as a family, but it gives us time to kind of wait and save to pay for it, because things are so expensive,” said Winkley.

Still, like Turner, she hopes to make the most of the challenges.

"Of course, you have to be creative and think of other things you can do to entertain your grandkids and still have a good time without breaking the bank,” she said.

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