North Texas Drought, Heat Damaging Plant Life

An expert recommends plant species that are native or have adapted to the Texas heat

With most of North Texas in the midst of moderate to extreme drought, plants are also increasingly at risk.

"I feel like it;s been the worst (summer), at least in a few years," Dallas property manager Azrow Moore said.

Moore said the grass at one of his Dallas properties has turned brown and completely died in certain spots. Across Dallas-Fort Worth, extreme heat and drought conditions have damaged, and at times killed, trees, bushes and grass.

"Specifically during this time, if we are not seeing rain fall, or we are just seeing a little bit of rainfall, we may only be getting moisture in the top few inches of the soil," Texas A&M Horticulturist Daniel Cunningham said.

Cunningham said non-native plant species are especially at risk and will struggle with limited water and exposure to extreme heat.

"We like to recommend people plant native and adaptive plants that really have evolved with the type of heat we traditionally see in Texas," Cunningham said.

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