North Texas Dog Skydives, Again!

Mojo, a 2-year-old Brussels Griffon, is the center of attention at one North Texas skydiving center.

"When there are people out here, they're just like 'you're taking a dog on a skydive?'" said Mary Todd Coker, drop zone director for Dallas Skydive Center. "Ya, watch him he loves it, he loves it."

Mojo and his owner Wayne Guerin made their first jump together a month ago.

"I was instructed that if anything happened to him during the jump for me not to bother to land," said Guerin.

Mojo is Guerin's wife's pride and joy, but Guerin has a soft spot for the pup as well. The couple says they would never put Mojo in danger.

"We talked to vets, we talked to animal care people and they gave him a clean bill of health and said he should be fine," said Guerin. "We watched for the signs of him being scared of it."

Mojo is equipped with all the tools he needs including a custom harness and doggie googles.

Sunday's skydive brought the pup 11,500 feet above the Earth's surface and he withstood speeds of 120 miles per hour before the chute was deployed, before Mojo and Guerin glided gracefully to the ground.

"Oh he did great, he absolutely, he almost fell asleep on the way up; he was rock steady in free fall," Guerin said.

Guerin has skydived since the 70s when he served in the military.

He says Mojo loved to stick his head out the car window but would bring it in at high speeds. The family ordered a pair of doggie goggles and Mojo kept his head out of the car window at speeds around 70 miles per hour.

"I didn't want to drive any faster than that and I figured if we're going to go any faster than that we're going to go skydive," said Guerin.

Mojo seems to enjoy the time in the air.

"He swims, he basically swims like a little fish," Guerin said. "He looks around a lot and once we get under canopy he just relaxes and crosses his paws and sight sees the whole way down."

After his second skydive with Mojo, Guerin isn't counting out a chance to break the record for dog skydives, which he says stands at more than 70. However, breaking a record isn't a priority.

"He's only 2-years-old now so I'm doing the math and I'm thinking it's not out of the realm of possibility," Guerin said. "I don't know about chasing records, because if he ever stops liking it, he's done jumping."

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