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North Texas Couple Welcomes Triplets Three Years After Twins

After years of struggling to grow their family, Carlos Wollenstein and Dalit Bielaz decided to try for one more child to join their 4-year-old twins Orly and Liam.

Over the course of seven years, they'd suffered five miscarriages.

"The first one was tough to digest and everything, but we were very hopeful with the next one. And then the second one was I think the hardest, because we just couldn't believe that it was happening again. It took me a while to recover," said Dalit Bielaz.

Still, they wanted to try and conceive naturally without fertility drugs.

Nine months ago, they were thrilled when they learned a pregnancy looked viable. They were shocked when they learned they were expecting triplets.

"I just couldn't believe it. My jaw dropped. I felt all my blood rush to my feet," said Carlos Wollenstein.

Last Monday, 33-weeks into their pregnancy, the couple welcomed three tiny but healthy babies, a boy and two girls whose names they've yet to announce.

"These three came out perfect. They couldn't have looked any better. She did a fantastic job," said Dr. Hampton Richards.

Richards was the same doctor who'd brought the twins into the world several weeks early as well. All five siblings spent time in the same NICU at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.

Richards says the odds of giving birth to triplets without the help of fertility drugs is a one in 9,000 chance. And though he's not sure the statistics when it comes to two sets of multiples, Wollenstein says another doctor told them it's about the same as the odds of becoming president.

"He said it's one in 10 million to have natural twins and then natural triplets, so I need to play the lottery," said Wollenstein.

The couple doesn't yet know when the triplets will be strong enough to head home. They're also not sure what they're new normal will look like when midnight feedings are for three rather than two.

"We need to figure out that system. We have it two against two. But yeah when they outnumber us, we don't know. I guess we're not going to sleep," said Wollenstein.

But though they never intended to become a family of seven, they're excited about the journey ahead.

To follow their adventures with both twins and triplets, you can follow Wollenstein on Instagram @father_of_twins_and_triplets.

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