North Texas Couple Says El Salvadoran Hospital Switched Their Baby at Birth

A North Texas couple has been reunited with their baby boy after accusing hospital staff in El Salvador of switching their baby with another one shortly after his birth, according to an El Salvadorian newspaper.

Richard Cushworth, who is originally from England, and his wife Mercedes Casanellas decided to travel to her native El Salvador to give birth to their child.

When they returned to Dallas, they had a DNA test performed after noticing their baby didn't resemble either of them, NBC News reported.

After the DNA test proved the child wasn't theirs authorities began an investigation while Casanellas filed a lawsuit against the obstetrician who delivered their son.

Meanwhile, the parents made a desperate plea for their child to be returned.

A couple living in North Texas have accused hospital staff in El Salvador of switching their newborn baby with another one, according to an El Salvadorian newspaper.

"God has given us this child and, somehow, somebody has taken him from us, and we want him back," said Cushworth.

El Salvadoran newspaper Diario La Página reported four families who gave birth at the hospital submitted to DNA testing and that one was determined to be a match for Cushworth and Casanellas.

The families were reunited with their children Monday night.

Officials in El Salvador said an investigation into the incidents is ongoing and that they have not yet determined if the babies were switched accidentally or if it was done intentionally.

It was initially reported there was concern the child may have been swapped and sold to traffickers because of his fairer skin, but that has yet to be confirmed.

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