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North Texas Couple Gets Married in South Carolina Just Before Hurricane Ian Hits

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Hurricane Ian hit the Carolinas as a category 1 hurricane. Strong winds and heavy rains caused a lot of flooding and damage around the area.

"It was very windy,” newlywed and Dallas resident Collin Pruett said. “There is some down trees and some power lines.  It's really hitting the islands north of Charleston a little bit harder than it's hitting here."

Collin Pruett is from North Richland Hills and lives in Dallas.  His new wife Kate is from Fort Worth. They are in Charleston and got married just before Ian hit.

"We came in from Texas and the storm hit but luckily we were able to get through everything before it hit like an hour before," Pruett said. "We didn't expect it to be a cat 1. Just thought it was going to be a tropical storm.  So, when they upgraded to a category 1 we were a little bit concerned."

Fortunately, they are safe.

However, more than 180,000 customers in the area are without power.  The Pruetts feel fortunate they were still able to tie the knot.

"Everybody here was telling us rain is good luck so we figure this is a lot of good luck," Pruett said.

Fortunately for them, they'll be able to head back home to Texas. But they know it's still going to be a tough time of recovery for those who live in the area.

"It did hit Pawleys Island and a few places up the coast a little harder so we are definitely keeping our prayers up for them," Pruett said.

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