North Texas City Poised for Robot Delivery Testing

Arlington is poised to possibly become the first city in Texas to test robot street deliveries or personal delivery devices.

City Council will hear the proposed resolution for a pilot program June 19, but a company is already interested in testing the market.

In the near future, you could see little robots zipping and zooming on sidewalks carrying everything from paperwork, packages, lunch deliveries and even groceries.

If approved the pilot program could start as soon as late summer.

According to city documents, the robots are self-driving, electronic vehicles that would travel across the sidewalks making drop-offs up to two miles away.

The personal delivery devices will use sensors and cameras to navigate safely and travel around three to four miles per hour; with a maximum of 10 mph.

The hope is that the devices will be better for the environment, cut down on curbside congestion and decrease on needless short trips residents are taking in vehicles.

The intended recipient would have a code to retrieve their secure items from inside the robot.

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