North Texas Cities, Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers Remember 9/11

As the country pauses to remember and reflect on this somber anniversary of the terrorist attacks, North Texas cities paid tribute, with many cities holding remembrance events.

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As the sun rose over Grapevine, memories transported people back 21 years ago. The ringing bells on Sunday served as a painful reminder of the heroes lost on Sept. 11, 2001. A moment of stillness offered silent gratitude for the sacrifices made.

“It’s still so emotional, it’s so raw. It feels like it was yesterday,” said Jennifer Brissette, a flight attendant for American Airlines. 

Brissette was flying from DFW to Chicago when the attacks happened. 

“Our captain called me up to the cockpit and said, I just want to let you know, we may have to divert, there’s something going on in New York, and we don’t know what yet,” said Brissette. 

Joe Luccioni helped build the 9-11 Flight Crew Memorial in Grapevine. 

It’s a personal tribute from his heart. 

“My daughter’s fiancé, Michael Francis Lynch, Engine 40, was one of the brave firefighters who died on that day,” said Luccioni. 

In Arlington, organizers rehearsed for a patriotic salute from the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Cowboys at the teams' respective games. 

“This giant flag will take about 150 people to hold it. The flag is 300 yards by 100 yards long. It’ll stretch the entire outfield of our baseball field,” said Zachary Geist, Manager for Promotions & Ballpark Entertainment for the Texas Rangers Baseball Club.

The stars and stripes will be unfurled during both games, with first responders displaying it. 

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