North Texas

North Texas Business Embraces March Madness In Workplace

Many still agonizing about filling out their NCAA Tournament brackets from offices to church groups. Love or hate sports, it’s an activity most find themselves involved in.

Fifty million workers around the country are trying for the perfect bracket costing businesses nearly $4 billion in lost productivity.

A Plano mortgage company, the Tuttle Group, is embracing all the tourney talk.

“It gets us talking about things besides just work,” owner Andy Tuttle said.

Tuttle has no problem with his team gazing at the games every so often. He even made time during the work day for his employees to gather and fill out their brackets together.

“When you work together as much as we do and as hard as we work together it is important to have camaraderie and I think it really drives the competitive spirit,” Tuttle said. “We have a lot of competitors here [and] it drives that spirit and reminds everybody of that competitive spirit.”


Tuttle sees this as perfect team-building and thinks in the long run this will be a slam dunk as the continue the competitive spirit into their business practices.

Even supportive bosses can rest easier after the first couple of rounds. As brackets start to fail, the interest starts to erode, but the team spirit in the office will likely continue.

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