North Texas Braces For Possible Winter Weather

With potential icy weather in North Texas, TxDOT and NTTA crews spent much of the week crisscrossing interstates and highways getting ready. They have now switched into high gear.

“Right now, they've been focusing a lot on the bridges and overpasses because those will freeze the first and then they will continue with the highways,” TxDOT representative Natalie Gilando said.

North Texas counties are split between the Fort Worth and Dallas districts. Each will have 300 people working 12 hour shifts during the time of the potential winter weather event.

“Folks have already been on call and they will continue to remain on call until the winter weather event is gone,” Gilando said.

NTTA has 51 trucks that will patrol toll roads starting Saturday night ready to treat icy patches.

If ice becomes an issue, DART will run trains overnight to ensure ice does not form on the tracks.

Officials remind drivers to leave plenty of room for brine and salt trucks.

“Just make sure you stay back at least 200 feet from them because the brine that they are using could possibly get on your vehicle,” Gilando said.

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