North Texas

North Texas Baseball Players Encouraged to Stay Hydrated During World Series Tournament

Organizers expect over 10,000 people at the event on Saturday.

Staying hydrated is the key for young baseball players and watchers in the sweltering heat of a tournament this week in Flower Mound.

Players will compete in the American Amateur Youth Baseball Alliance Texas World Series Tournament. Organizers with the Flower Mound Youth Sports Association say they're prepared to make sure the thousands of kids participating in the event stay safe in the heat.

A designated staff of employees has been assigned to operate water carts all day across the property for all eleven baseball fields.They will replenish the ice water in every dugout, which is about 22 containers they’re keeping full all day.

Organizers say they're prepared to keep players and staff hydrated on the field but encourage everyone attending to start the hydration process early.

"Don’t wait until the day-of when you're going to be out in the sun and playing a ballgame or two. Hydrate at home, hydrate before, hydrate after, it's very important to drink water and stay hydrated when you're going to be out in the heat like this," warns Tracy Black, General Manager and Tournament Director.

The tournament is made up of over 2,000 players, 80 staff members, umpires and thousands of fans. Parents say they understand just how important it is to make sure kids stay healthy.

"Hydration is everything you need to hydrate before you come out, the whole time that you are here and when you leave. It's imperative. They wouldn't be able to do what they do without being hydrated," said Shelby Johnson, Parent.

Over 2,000 players have participated in over 500-games this week and another 2,000 players will arrive on Saturday for next week’s tournament. Organizers expect over 10,000 people at the event on Saturday.

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