North Texas Baby Boom on the Way?

Many people were trapped inside for days during the winter storm in North Texas, and a lot of them likely found comfort and warmth in each others arms!  

That’s leading to some speculation that North Texas could see a baby boom later this year/
North Texan Bianca Hall said the weather meant more family time, with her children, including board games and video games, but it also meant she got to spend more time with her husband.
"Of course it's cold outside, so you need to snuggle up and get warm,” Hall joked. “And then you probably run out of things to do after a while, so you put the kids to bed and you go for it!”
Doctors say post-catastrophe baby booms are, for the most part, media-perpetuated myths.  The idea is that people stuck indoors usually end up searching for ways to relieve the boredom, and nine months later, new babies are showing up everywhere.
Though the scientific evidence may be hard to track down, the anecdotal evidence keeps piling up.
"When there's a big ice storm or stuff like that, if we see pregnant ladies, we'll trace it back,” said Dr. Jonathan Snead, of North Hills Hospital. “And they'll say, “Well, yeah, that might have been when it happened!"
New mother Laquandria Richardson says it was really hot – not cold – when her newborn was conceived. Bu the north texas winter storm still made an unforgettable impact. she couldn’t make it to the hospital and had to call an ambulance.
"I had to walk through the snow and I had contractions through the snow,” Richardson said.
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