North Texas

North Texas Athletes Critical of Coach Forcing Teen Into Split

Five school employees in Denver, Colo, are on leave over a disturbing video that shows a coach forcing a high school cheerleader into a split as the girl screams in agony.

The video recorded by fellow cheerleaders has gone viral online.

Britnee Senner, cheer director for All 4 Gymnastics in Frisco, says no one should be pushed that far.

Before becoming cheer director, Senner cheered in college and was a two-time gold medalist for the U.S. national team.

"I've been stretched every sort of way, but never ever have I been stretched like that," Senner said.

The video shows the recently hired coach at a Denver high school pushing down on the shoulders of a freshmen while the girl's arms and legs are held down.

Denver police are investigating.

"There would be no reason at all to have your splits stretched in that sense ever, ever, ever," Senner said.

A split is already painful to learn. But having someone push you down, she says, would be brutal.

Senner also says learning to do a split can take months or even years.

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