North Texas Academy Offers First Cannabis Science Class

Classes start Saturday morning for DFW Academy of Cannabis Science. The school is offering a 5-week course to learn an industry that isn't legal in Texas.

"This is a new economy," said Holly Law, President of DFW Academy of Cannabis Science. "It's worth billions of dollars in this state and so, gosh, legislators for that reason alone, pass it!"

Law believes Texas will legalize medical marijuana one day. She said the classes offered prepare people to work in that business when that day comes.

"The early bird gets the worm," Law said. "You look at all these CBD shops that are popping up all over the place. Well, what do you think those are going to be when the law changes? Those are going to be dispensaries."

A poll done this summer by the University of Texas and Texas Tribune showed 53-percent of registered voters in Texas would favor legalizing pot. 31-percent would legalize medical marijuana, and 16-percent said it should remain illegal in all forms.

Law said the classes are all books and theory, no practical hands-on experience with plants. "We do not touch the flower at all. There's no product whatsoever. It's illegal," explained Law.

For Law, the 5-week course is personal.

"Opiods stole my mother," said Law, whose mother died of a prescription drug overdose. She believed if medical marijuana had been an option, things might have been different. "That's what drives me for this, more than anything."

Law is planning another 10-week class to start in October.

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