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North Texans Take Artic Dip to Raise Awareness About Drowning Prevention

It was a milder start to the weekend, but still a chilly day for people who took the plunge in Fort Worth for a good cause. 

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Over a dozen people prepared to jump into the 48-degree water at Forest Park Pool on Saturday.

“When I walked out, there was no steam coming out of the water," Julie Jackson, a participant and board member on the coalition, said. "So that really scared me a little bit, because I know now the water is colder than the air."

The event raised both money and awareness for the Fort Worth Drowning Prevention Coalition. 

“It’s always nice to get people together for a good cause,” said Cory Stuhmer, President of the Fort Worth Drowning Prevention Coalition.  

Attendance was a little lower than expected. 

“I think weather kind of hampered things a little bit," said Stuhmer. "When people signed up, it was supposed to be 65 and sunny-ish."

Kids and adults alike splashed and swam in the cool water.

“I wanted to redeem myself from my first year doing the Artic Dip," Jackson said. "I did a bob and could not get my arms moving. So this year, it’s a full out swim."

The event is a lesson in water safety that will hopefully save more lives this year.

You can find more information on water safety and drowning prevention classes here.

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