Stores Open Thanksgiving For Bargain Hunters


Several retailers chose to keep their doors open for the holiday, hoping to give their bottom line a little extra boost.

Some North Texans pushed back their Thanksgiving celebrations to take advantage of the shopping opportunity. 

"Its definitely a first.  Never been out shopping on Thanksgiving before," said Lindsay Pilarczyk.

This year there were more Thanksgiving day shopping options.

The Sports Authority off of Highway 75 and Park has kept their doors open on Thanksgiving for the last three years.  They call it a convenience for their customers, and a revenue boost the day before Black Friday.

"We definitely get a jump on the competition," said Danny Tatrow with Sports Authority.  "And we can kind of get that leg up."

Even stores who chose to close up shop on Thanksgiving still drew a crowd of people waiting for the Black Friday sales.

"I've done this once before with a friend for his computer and the line wasn't this long this early," William Byland.

Diehard Black Friday shoppers were camping out already on Thanksgiving afternoon in front of the Best Buy off of Highway 75 and Park. 

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