North Texans Remember Prince on the Radio

North Texans are mourning the loss of the iconic singer Prince. The 57-year-old entertainer was found dead Thursday inside his home in Minneapolis.

"Prince was probably one of the best R&B vocalists, entertainers, actors in the R&B world. So, he will definitely be missed," said KRNB radio host, KJ.

After learning of the news, the R&B radio station turned all its focus to the superstar whose career spanned nearly 40 years. Every song played was by Prince, and every caller wanted to talk about his life and work.

"We feel like we all knew Prince. We feel like we could identify with everything Prince wrote about, spoke about, sung about," KJ explained. "He was just one of those rare types of artists to come along once in a lifetime."

Many could recall moments where the singer's albums were more like a soundtrack to their lives – accompanying first dates, celebrations and hard times. His writing transcended time, appealing to longtime fans and newer ones.

"When you can touch more than a couple generations you have done very well," said host, Tony Scott.

Prince's death left Scott wondering who the music industry could now consider an icon, with so many greats gone.

"I don't know," Scott said. "Gone too soon. Michael, Whitney, Prince. It hurts."

Over the course of Thursday, fans continued to flood the phones at KRNB, requesting favorite songs and sharing memories. KJ said they were going off script for the day, dedicating all their time to an artist who is timeless.

"He's embedded in our souls with his music," she said. "He's worth remembering."

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