North Texas Fans Remember Kidd Kraddick

Outside the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning studio in Las Colinas, bouquets of flowers and hand-written notes line the walkway where a recording of Kraddick's morning show plays on the speakers above.

Rob Zimmerman was walking his dog and stopped by to write a note with one of the markers and pieces of paper left there for the public.  

Zimmerman moved to North Texas from Ohio a couple of months ago.  He started listening to Kidd Kraddick and the show soon became a part of Zimmerman’s routine.

"Every morning at 6:30 I drive my girlfriend to school and then on the way back listen to him and then take my little dog here on a walk and we sit right here on that bench (outside the studio) and just listen to him every morning," said Zimmerman.

Miguel Villatoro, of Irving, said Kraddick’s voice and approach made him feel like a friend.

"It's just joyful. That man had that. Just by hearing his voice," said Villatoro. "If he's happy, that makes you happy, kind of like if someone is smiling at you and you can't help it to smile back."

"I listened to him growing up in middle school and high school," said Gina Ballviero of Burleson. "Now I have a daughter who listens to him on the way to school and work. He’s just touched so many people’s lives. He’s such a nice person."

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