North Richland Hills

North Texans Help One Other During Winter Storm

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Many North Texans are trying to do their part to help others who don’t have electricity or water due to the extreme winter weather.

For the Sappington family in North Richland Hills, helping a neighbor in a tough time just made sense.

“Everyone’s trying to get by, but if we’ve got something to share, we try to share it,” said Shannon Sappington.

So, when the power went out on their street Monday, the Sappington’s decided to share their one generator, which provided power for three homes nearby.

“Got with my neighbor here and said, 'hey, let’s run a line between my house and your place and get your furnace going, but he had a better idea,” Jay Sappington said. “He took the line and took it to a third house behind them. We powered three houses with one little generator when we had no power for 36 hours or whatever it was.”

But it isn’t just neighbors helping neighbors in these difficult times in North Texas right now.

Many area businesses are also doing what they can to make a difference, including in Stephenville, where there's a man who is now being referred to as “Pizza Frank."

Frank Brandenburg, operated a Pizza Hut by himself for six hours Monday, making hundreds of pizzas alone, to feed those without power in the area.

“I didn’t wake up and say 'hey, I’m going to be a hero' or anything like that,” Brandenburg said. “But when I started getting busy and seeing how grateful they were to get warm food, it was definitely worth it. Everyone was super, super grateful.”

Super grateful for Pizza Frank’s willingness to lend a helping hand, doing his part to help his community in what has been a very difficult time for so many.

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