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North Texans Have a Week Left to Protest Assessments

Deadline to protest is May 16

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Micah Shockley went to protest his assessment at the Collin Central Appraisal District.

“Bought our house last year, they raised our taxes almost 40 %,” said Michal Shockley of Collin County.

He had plenty of company at the protest window.

“I was shocked one of my properties increased like 62 %,” said Bright Ogbogu of Collin County.

“I just couldn’t believe it. I thought there was a misprint,” said Margaret Eubanks of Collin County.

Bo Daffin, the chief appraiser for the Collin Central Appraisal District says protests straight from homeowners are up about 9 %.

“Our job as appraisers is to reflect what buyers and sellers are doing, what the market value was Jan. 1. I have never seen an increase year over year in the market, but we are simply following what the tax code says and reappraising at market value on Jan. 1,” said Bo Daffin, Chief Appraiser for Collin Central Appraisal District.

Daffin adds at this point, protests from property tax agents are down a little, but he expects that to change closer to the deadline.  Overall, he expects more than 80,000.

In Dallas County, so far 42,260 protests have been filed. Last year there were 67,941 at this point, but chief appraiser Ken Nolan says most of the tax agents have not filed either.  Overall, he expects between 170 and 180 thousand protests total.

In Tarrant County, we are told 75,508 protests have been filed so far, compared with 46,961 at this point last year.

In Denton County, a spokesperson tells us a little more than 8,000 have been filed, and at this time last year, there had been more than 25,000. But tax agents have not submitted protests yet.

As the numbers pile up, those protesting wait for their hearings.

“From last year I went up by 10 % I think. So if we agree on a 10% spike or increase in appraised value that is fine with me but I think 20% is too much,” said Sameer Fino, Collin County resident.

If you are planning to protest your assessment the deadline is May 16.

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