North Texans Enjoying Break From Heat

It was a picture perfect day at Coffee Park off Northwest Highway.

"Great reprieve from all this heat," says Chris Murzin. "Just a chance for the family to get together and enjoy the outside."

Perhaps busier than it's been all summer long, families played side-by-side as the sun sets on a long summer.

"It puts me in a good mood 'cause it's been so hot, and it just feels good to get it a little colder," said Murzin's daughter, Caroline.

Jazzie Evans worked on her soccer skills while her dad cheered her on in a sweatshirt.
But who can blame him?  Monday morning's cold front did make it feel like a completely different season.

"Winter," exclaimed Billy Shearer, as he stepped outside this morning.

Yes, that's a stretch. But after temperatures that soared well above 100 for months on end, it was exactly what the doctor ordered.

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