North Texans Cope With Deep Freeze

Temperatures hovered around the freezing mark for much of the Dallas-Fort Worth area Monday

A cold wind whipped through Downtown Dallas Monday, making temperatures that hovered around the freezing mark feel more like they were in the 20s.

"In the winter time, when you're cold it's hard to get warm," Tonya Mack said.

Mack is homeless. She stayed at OurCalling homeless ministry Sunday night and planned to do the same Monday.

"As Texans, we don't see this kind of weather often," explained Rodney Lara of OurCalling. "And so we don't realize how lethal the weather can be."

OurCalling usually closes at 3 p.m. It's not an overnight shelter, but planned to stay open again Monday to give the homeless a place to stay during the deep freeze.

"We're hoping a warm place, a good meal and a lot of love," Lara said.

A short drive away, construction crews worked at building sites in Downtown Dallas. Workers were bundled up to battle the bitter cold. Dallas street crews did the same, hustling to cover potholes with hot asphalt on a cold day.

With a view of downtown, White Rock Lake was even more peaceful than usual.

"Sometimes it's good to have the lake all to yourself," said Lawrence Jordan, as he took a brisk afternoon walk with Tonya Davis. "It's good to come out and meditate and just walk and get into nature, and nature does have 20-something degree weather as well!"

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