North Texans Brave Bitter Cold

Monday’s freezing weather is a shock to the system for some North Texans. A week ago, temperatures climbed above 80 degrees to start the work week.  This week, it’s barely 40 degrees.

People have very different outlooks on braving this winter blast.  Some commuters are loving the cold weather, while others are not a fan. 

“I love the snow, it’s beautiful,” says Kenya Walters from Sherman. “This isn’t cold to me.  I’ve lived in the north for a long time, this is nothing."

Accustomed to it or not, the air is crisp and cold.

“It’s a humid cold, so it cuts,” said Greg Chitwood, who just moved back to North Texas from Denver.

People had dramatically different ways to dress in this winter weather from snow suits and parents covering up their kids, to strutting along in a skirt, or a short-sleeve shirt.

“I put on my warmest and came on out,” said Taletha Butler, of Dallas.

For some, fashion comes first.  Dominique Jackson didn’t want to wear gloves that would cover up her nails. 

“I have to show off the Christmas design,” Jackson said.

Tuesday will be even colder with temperatures in the 20’s, so people will get another chance to get bundled up.

“It’s bi-polar, one day it’s 60, the next minute it’s 40.  The next minute it’s 80.  All I say is keep a jacket wherever you go,” says Liggins.

As temperature fluctuate this winter, remember to protect the three P’s in the cold: people, plants, and pets.

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