North Texans Brace For Winter Weather

In short sleeves and sandles, many were taken by surprise at the weather.

In downtown Dallas' West End, people were in short sleeves and sandals even though the temperatures were only in the 30s Sunday. 

"It's crazy," Spencer Gold said. "It's Texas, so it switches around a lot."

The weather didn't stop tourists such as Jody Thompson from exploring the city, but it did catch her by surprise.

"When my plane landed last night, they said the temperature was 75 degrees, so I'm a little disappointed that it's this cold today," she said. "I was hoping for fun in the sun."

No such luck. Instead there was a threat of freezing rain for much of North Texas. 

"I prefer it like it was yesterday, but I'm not much of a winter person," Keith Corbin said.

But Corbin's date disagreed.

"I'm enjoying it," Susie Rukema said. "I just came from Wisconsin, where we had over 20 inches of snow when I was up there, so this is nothing."

North Texas road crews were on standby. The city of Dallas loaded its sand trucks on Friday. At 3 a.m. Monday, they'll activate Ice Force 1, which means crews will be patrolling bridges and overpasses that always freeze first.

For North Texans, it means one of two things: either a messy commute in the morning, or the possibility of a snow day tacked on to their winter break.

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