North FW Neighborhood Wins Fight Against Apartments

City council votes against apartment plan Tuesday night

A North Fort Worth neighborhood won its fight against a proposed low-rent apartment complex.

The city council voted Tuesday night to deny the apartment developers tax breaks needed to build the project.

An Indiana company, Pedcor Properties, had asked the city council to sign off on 168 affordable apartments at the northwest corner of Beach Street and Shiver Road.

The apartments, which would have been called North Park, were to be located just blocks from the Heritage neighborhood.

Jerry Betts, president of the North Fort Worth Alliance Neighborhood Association, said people across North Fort Worth oppose the plan.

"They know if it happens right there, it can happen where they live," Betts said. "It's not an issue of we don't want affordable housing up here, we just want it in the right place."

City staffers had recommended that the council approve the plan, but North Fort Worth council member Cary Moon opposed it.

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