North Dallas Neighborhoods Clean Up After Storms

No rest for the weary residents of North Dallas, who are spending their Monday cleaning up after powerful storms pummeled their neighborhoods Sunday.

Straight line winds, which reached speeds similar to the ones you'd find in a weak tornado, blew through Malabar Lane where Patrick Poyner and his family live.

"It got really loud and so we grabbed our kids and we jumped into the pantry in the kitchen," said Poyner. "We hunkered down. The house started to shake. After about 10 minutes we came out and it was just total destruction outside."

The winds uprooted trees, knocking them onto houses and roadways. Brush and heavy limbs were strewn everywhere. 

The debris was so thick and piled so high at the Poyner's home, they couldn't get out their front door.

And making matters worse, downed trees created a wall that cut off the alleyway they use to get in and out of their garage -- meaning they couldn't take their cars anywhere. 

"Looking out the front door and not being able to step off your porch -- not really being able to get out of your house in any way is a little frightening at first," said Poyner. "We had to work a little bit. But we found a way out the side through a neighbor's yard. That's how we were getting around yesterday, doing as much cleanup as we could."

Monday, he and his neighbors were busy calling their insurance providers, as well as tree removal services.

They still don't have power.

But Poyner's father-in-law was able to bring the family a spare car, so they could get out of the neighborhood for a bit and enjoy the A/C.

"Hopefully we get the power back on soon, hopefully we can get our cars out soon," said Poyner. "We're trying to get through it as best as we can."

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