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Nonprofits Step Up to Stock Shelves With Baby Formula Amid Nationwide Shortage

The nationwide shortage of formula has spiraled into a full-blown crisis affecting families and North Texas nonprofits

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Nonprofits are scrambling to support parents desperately hunting for baby formula.

Hope just arrived at Seasons of Change, an Arlington-based nonprofit, in the form of baby formula.

“It’s agencies like ours who are able to help alleviate that shortage,” said Tavian Harris, Executive Director of Seasons of Change.

Harris said it’s thanks to a partnership with a Dallas nonprofit.

“Shawana Carter from Carter’s House, she was able to donate us four boxes of formula,” said Harris.

About 100 canisters of formula will be ready for families when doors open on Monday.

“I see every day between 200 - 150 moms and dads from the community Monday to Thursday, so I can guarantee you it’s going to be every bit of 200 plus parents who are here,” said Harris.

Cook Children’s Neonatologist Dr. Erin Spence says people should consider trying other brands.

“Most babies can switch to another formula without any issues at all,” said Dr. Erin Spence, a Neonatologist and Assistant Professor at TCU School of Medicine.

Don’t dilute formula, and if you must, go for cow’s milk and not goat’s milk if your baby’s older.

“Probably, in the short term, if you’re really out of formula, some cow’s milk is not a bad alternative if you’re close to your first birthday,” said Dr. Spence.

She says if you have specific questions, or your baby needs other formula because of a medical condition, check in with your pediatrician.

Experts blame the shortage on inflation, supply chain shortages, and product recalls.

Seasons of Change takes some walk-ins, but if you need formula, it’s a good idea to sign up ahead of time.

You can call or message them here.

Click here to learn more about Carter's House in Dallas. It has a clothing bank and community resources for parents.

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