Larry Collins

Nonprofit Seeks to Remove McDonald's from JPS Hospital

There’s a fast food faceoff at a Fort Worth hospital.

National nonprofit Physical Committee for Responsible Medicine is urging John Peter Smith Hospital to remove the McDonald’s restaurant from its campus when the contract expires in 2019.

"Well there are a couple of concerns. People do bring patients food from outlets that are inside the hospital,” registered dietitian Lee Crosby said.

Crosby will address JPS’ Board of Managers and request the hospital find another option other than fast food.

“It sends the wrong message to have a McDonald's and fast food that's linked to heart disease inside a hospital where people are getting treated for heart disease," Crosby said.

JPS representatives said the health network encourages everyone to eat healthy.

“At JPS’ request, the franchise owner has expanded the menu to provide healthy options not available at other McDonald’s locations,” J.R. Labbe, vice president of communications and community affairs said. “The hospital’s cafeteria, which is open to employees and visitors, offers a variety of healthy food choices during its hours of operation. Additionally, JPS offers on-site food truck dining from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. every night as an option for staff members, visitors and patients’ family members.”

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