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Non-Profit Alumni Group Helps Western Hills High School Students in Need

The Western Hills Cougar Pride Foundation is getting meals and water to families that need it after last week's storm

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An assembly line of volunteers gathered Wednesday morning, ready for another round of packing meals and water for students who have been doing without basic necessities since last week's deep freeze.

"We've had parents calling saying they are in need of food and water," Western Hills Cougar Pride Foundation Executive Director Patty Pressley said. "A lot of our students' families lost power. No water. Pipes bursting."

The foundation works year-round to help students, many of whom live in the Las Vegas Trail community. It's a place where hard times hit harder.

"This area has been hit harder than most," Pressley said. "The pandemic first and then with the snow and bad weather, we had kids calling 'we need water, we don't have any water, we don't have any food'."

Over the weekend The WHHS Cougar Pride Foundation set up outside several apartment complexes in the community, giving out food.

"You know, when a kid hugs you after you give them a water or a sandwich, you know," Pressley said getting emotional. "Maybe this was a wake-up call for us, too."

Pressley hopes her foundation's work will serve as a model for other alumni groups to help their students. If you'd like to donate to help year-round efforts, click here.

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