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Noise From TEXRail Test Runs Frustrating Some Colleyville Neighbors

Neighbors in Colleyville are getting frustrated with the noise coming from TEXRail.

Mark Wood, assistant manager of the city of Colleyville, said TEXRail is currently performing test runs on the line running through Colleyville.

He said TEXRail should be up and running by the beginning of next year.

The 27-mile commuter rail line extends from Fort Worth, through North Richland Hills, Colleyville, Grapevine, and into D/FW International Airport’s Terminal B.

Allison Orler, who has a home nearby the line, said she recently started hearing noise from TEXRail ramp up.

She said she hears it all throughout the day, and even early in the morning.

"We also got to hear them at 4:30 in the morning, so that was fun. It woke the whole neighborhood up. Everybody was really pleased with that," she said.

According to Trinity Metro, who owns and operates TEXRail, the horns are part of a Federal Railroad Administration requirement.

The city of Colleyville’s website said in part, “The Railroad Administration mandates a specific number of hours, runs, whistle tests, etc. as part of the testing and certification process. It is a lengthy, detailed process to ensure all trains and intersections are working properly.”

Trinity Metro said there are currently five trains, but they plan to have a total of eight.

"These tests are going on, it is going to be noisy… there’s not necessarily anything we can do about it, but just be prepared for it," said Wood.

Trinity Metro said when TEXRail is in full service, the majority of the route will be quiet zones, and the horns will only be used if there is a safety concern.

Trinity Metro said by the end of the week, they anticipate receiving approval from the FRA to cease using the horns during testing.

They said in the meantime, the horns serve as another level of safety awareness for residents. TEXRail is a quiet train, and the sound helps remind residents that full service is only weeks away.

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