North Texas Family Remembers 7 Killed in Crash

A year ago a North Texas family was ripped apart by tragedy. 

Seven members of one family were killed during a trip to Chihuahua, Mexico

A truck carrying eight people drove off an unfinished bridge.

"They were angels here on earth," said Marina Ortiz.

In the crash, Ortiz lost 7 loved ones who were so close to her.

"It was my mother, my brother, my baby, my nephews, niece and my sister-in-law," said Ortiz.

Just a year ago, she and her family lost every single one of them during a mission trip and family visit to Chihuahua, Mexico.  Ortiz was riding in a car right behind them and watched as their truck plunged off the unfinished bridge.

"I screamed for about 2 hours before we had any help.  We were in the middle of nowhere while my husband kept taking one by one out."

"It was supposed to be a holiday and joy and come back with memories," said Sofia Rey, Ortiz' sister.

Instead they returned with tragedy and now after going through their first Thanksgiving without them, Ortiz and her family will celebrate the lives of their lost loved ones.

"Just by having so many good people around me and my family is my rock."

"When you lose one you go crazy.  Imagine seven."

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