Lack of Speed Limit Signs Troubles Drivers

Drivers raise concerns over lack of speed limit signs

Drivers on the eastern extension of the President George Bush Turnpike are concerned that the roadway has no posted speed limit signs between state Highway 78 in Garland and Interstate 30 in Rowlett.

"It's dangerous and not fair if they pull you over for speeding and you don't know it's not posted,” said Garland resident Heather Trisko.

However, drivers should be aware that they can still be stopped for speeding even if there are no posted limits.

The North Texas Tollway Authority said the state law, is the default law, even if it’s not posted on signs.

That means the maximum speed is 70 mph.

"In the North Texas central area, if you're on a highway, or in this case a tollway, and you're over 70 miles per hour, you are breaking the law,” said Michael Ray, with the NTTA.

The extension opened in Dec., 2011, and the speed limit was set based on the results of a speed study and on May 16 the board of directors made the official speed limit 70 miles per hour.

"You have to let it break in if you will, kind of like a shoe. You have to let it establish a pattern before you measure that pattern,” said Ray.

The NTTA said they hope to have the new speed limit signs installed by the end of May.

Until the signs go up, the NTTA reminds drivers to drive safely.

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