Patients Say No-Shot Treatment Brings Allergy Relief

Local chiropractor uses expensive biofeedback to treat allergies

Dr. Ray Nannis with Nannis Chiropractic in Richardson is the first doctor in North Texas to use the Allergicare system to address the problems of chronic allergies.

To understand how it works, he says you must first understand allergies.

"An allergy is a perfect immune response to something our bodies should not be responding to," said Nannis.

Patients are hooked up to a biofeedback machine that Nannis said can pinpoint food, seasonal, airborne and environmental allergies.

Alternative medicine is then used to correct the problem.

"It's a combination of 8,000-year-old acupuncture without the needles, 200-year-old homeopathy and state-of-the-art laser therapy," said Nannis.

Janine Jacques has been battling food allergies for years. After undergoing nearly two dozen treatments she said the bloating and diarhea that used to plague her are now a distant memory.

"I just kind of feel like there's a weight that's been lifted off my body," said Jacques.

"It's like my body's not having to work so hard to digest things."

Nannis said the treatment is safe for virtually anyone, most patients have to undergo a series of treatments.

He says cost to correct an allergy averages between $800 and $1800.

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