No Abduction Attempt; Cedar Hill Police Say Students Happened Upon Campers

Cedar Hill police say they are no longer searching a wooded area for two people Friday or investigating the associated incident as an attempted child abduction.

Late Friday morning, officers were searching a wooded area between Cedar Hill State Park and Newman International Academy of Cedar Hill after it was reported that someone tried to take a child.

Police and school officials said Friday afternoon the students were walking trails on the private campus with a teacher when some of the students came into contact with someone in the woods.

The students reported what they saw to their teacher who then went to try to find the person.  While walking along the trail the group spotted a bag. As they were going through the bag, the person returned with someone else, grabbed the bag and ran, police said.

During the incident, one of the students suffered a superficial scratch that required no treatment, police said.

Officers began searching the area for the people, but after coming up empty-handed for three hours the search was suspended. Police did, however, find a campsite on the campus property.

Officials could not say for sure if the people spotted in the woods were staying at the campsite, but speculate they were and that were campers who unknowingly crossed onto private property from the adjacent state park.

Officials insist all of the children are safe and that the people never threatened the campus, police said.

While the search was underway, Cedar Hill ISD's Ninth Grade Center was sheltering in place -- meaning students can go from class-to-class but were not allowed to go outside of the building.

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