NFL Player Carl Nassib's Coming Out Puts Spotlight on LGBTQ Resources

LGBTQ advocates say the announcement goes beyond the sports milestone

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Many across the country are still talking about NFL player, Carl Nassib, coming out and announcing that he is gay on social media.

Nassib went on to donate $100,000 to The Trevor Project, which the NFL matched. The Trevor Project is an organization that offers resources and suicide prevention help for LGBTQ youth.

“Studies have shown that all it takes is one accepting adult to decrease the risk of an LGBTQ kid attempting suicide by 40%. Whether you're a friend, a parent, a coach or a teammate -- you can be that person,” Nassib said in his announcement.

LGBTQ advocates say the announcement goes beyond the sports milestone and gives much-needed attention to organizations like the Trevor Project.

Resource Center, based in Dallas, offers help for LGBTQ youth in North Texas.

“Coming out is a very individual process. It doesn’t always happen the same way for every person,” Resource Center Communications and Advocacy Manager Rafael McDonnell said. “At Resource Center we do have resources for people who are working through the coming out process. It’s different for every single person and if someone is trying to figure out the best way to do that – we can certainly assist in that regard.”


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