Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles Graduated from Texas' Westlake High School

NBC 5 visited the high school where Super Bowl LII MVP Nick Foles attended

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles on Sunday became the first player to both throw and catch a touchdown pass in the Super Bowl, in a performance that will go down in NFL history.

The QB catch play is one that Westlake High School football coach Todd Dodge instantly recognized.

"My phone starts blowing up. The play around here is called 'money five.' We have run it several times," Dodge said.

Foles is a graduate of Westlake, where they were celebrating his accomplishment on Monday.

The victory was not a surprise to Foles' high school offensive coordinator, Steve Ramsey, who is now the high school's principal.

"He loved to compete. He was one of the toughest kids you will ever meet. I would say one of his greatest gifts was his ability to lead and bring everybody together for a common goal," Ramsey said.

Foles isn't the only Westlake alumnus to win a Super Bowl. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees also attended Westlake, and so did Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker.

"I just think we have a community that prides itself on working very hard, holding ourselves accountable," Ramsey said.

Dodge coached against Foles when Dodge was the then-head coach at Southlake Carroll High School, and he remembers the quarterback's toughness.

"He played that senior year, a whole lot of it, with a torn rotator cuff, or partially torn rotator cuff," Dodge said.

They have since gotten to know each other well.

"He honors his mother and father constantly. He has got a beautiful new wife and beautiful new baby. I think he is a great representative of Westlake High School," Dodge said.

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