Newy's Take: Jerry Jones Ignored Randy Gregory's Negatives

Let’s not act surprised.

Cowboys second year defensive end Randy Gregory has checked himself into a drug treatment facility.  He will not be at Cowboys training camp in Oxnard, California when the club reports this weekend.

The Dallas Morning News reports the Cowboys aren’t sure if Gregory will even take part in training camp.

Let’s just be honest and call Gregory what he is: undependable.

Dallas can’t win a championship with a roster of undependable players and unfortunately owner Jerry Jones has collected too many of them.  

Gregory’s four game suspension may be increased to 10 or more regular season games because he’s failed a fourth test as a Cowboy. Defensive end Demarcus Lawrence has been suspended four games to start the 2016 season for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. Same goes for linebacker Rolando McClain, except he’s suspended for 10 games.

Tell me another NFL team that is winning Super Bowl rings with this philosophy?

Jerry Jones has to stop drafting and signing players with issues.  He was so desperate for a pass rusher he ignored all the previous drug problems Gregory had in college. The Greg Hardy experiment blew up in Jones' face his face last year. McClain missed four games for substance issues last year as the Cowboys went 4-12 and the defense was truly abysmal on the field.

The 2015 draft scouting report on Gregory’s negatives was pretty accurate.  Dude tested positive for marijuana at the combine. When a guy shows up to his job interview and can’t pass a drug test he knows he’ll have to take, and FAILS it, I call that a red flag. 

These are some of the scouting report negatives that were written about Gregory before the Cowboys used the 60th overall pick to draft him out of Nebraska. 

The MMQB.com: The Nebraska product’s athletic traits and relentlessness make him the most tantalizing prospect in this draft class. Gregory will be a great… if he takes well to coaching and, more importantly, keeps himself in line off the field.

NFL.com: Issues with positive drug tests are a significant concern.  

Mike Mayock NFL.com: We've talked all along that there's no denying the talent. I hope that the Dallas Cowboys have a plan in place, an infrastructure in place, to help this young man deal with what he's about to experience." 

I do hope Gregory can get his life in order. Maybe rehab will help him but as far as football goes, Jones would be wise to just move on and admit his mistake. Gregory was undependable at Nebraska and has been the same since being drafted by the Cowboys. 

Next time, Jones should read the entire scouting report. Not just the part he likes.

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