Newy's Conversation with Rangers Analyst Mark McLemore on the Odor-Bautista Fight

I was in Toronto for Jose Bautista's bat flip home run. It was epic and the Toronto crowd loved it. The bat flip and celebration was more WWE than MLB in my opinion, but hey…it went down.

Joey Bats KNEW he had to pay the toll for that bat flip this year when the Rangers and Blue Jays played. Texas finally got him in his final at bat in the seventh and final game of the season between the two clubs.

Here's what I give Texas credit for, which Toronto skipper John Gibbons called "gutless": They made Bautista wait. Every time he went to the plate – four games in Toronto and three more in Arlington – he wondered when was hit going to get hit by a pitcher in retaliation for flipping his bat and showing up the Rangers 214 days ago.

Were the Rangers right to make him wait or should they have plunked him Friday night when the series opened in Arlington? It's one of the many questions I had for Rangers TV analyst Mark McLemore.

Take a listen to our interview on my NBC Sports Radio show.

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