New Dallas Animal Law Mostly Ignored

Officials Say Education Needed

As of Wednesday, only ONE resident had complied with the new Dallas Animal Control Law that requires a permit for unaltered animals. 

Saturday October 25, 2008 was the deadline to obtain the $70 permit or to spay or neuter pets in Dallas.  The permit also requires completing a course in responsible pet ownership. 

City Councilwoman Elba Garcia who strongly supported the new law says she is not disappointed with the lack of compliance.  She says an education campaign is just starting.  Fliers will be passed out, focusing on Dallas neighborhoods with the most serious stray animal problems. 

The new law was approved by the Dallas City Council in June 2008 after much controversy and years of debate.  Dog breeders complained it is unfair to require permits from responsible pet owners.  But supporters believe the new rules will help reduce serious pet overpopulation in Dallas. 

The city euthanized around 28,000 unwanted animals last year.  Animal control officials say enforcement cases will be launched only if someone files a complaint about an individual.  Even then the target of the complaint will be given time to comply before any punishment is imposed.

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