New Year's Eve Driving Concerns

North Texas police and prosecutors warn New Year’s Eve revelers against driving impaired, especially with freezing precipitation in the forecast.

“You have any alcohol on the road, period, it’s a danger,” said Texas Highway Patrol Sergeant Lonny Haschel. “Then you add ice and snow and water, it really can become an issue.”

Several North Texas law enforcement agencies will participate in “No Refusal” enforcement where impaired driving suspects face mandatory blood tests it they refuse to provide a sample.

Assistant Tarrant County District Attorney Richard Alpert said 30 DUI suspects were arrested last New Year’s Eve, 25 have already been convicted and the other five cases are still pending.

“The most important thing is just make a plan,” Alpert said. “If you’re going to be drinking, have a friend be a designated driver. There’s no reason you can’t have a safe New Year. You just can’t be reckless about it because you may not survive it.”

Taxis are another option.

Taxi driver Roger Baluti said he will be on duty regardless of the road conditions.

“I drive in any kind of weather, even ice, even in snow and rain. I still drive,” he said.

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