New Year, New Hope for Formerly Conjoined Twins Separated in August

The conjoined twins who were separated at Medical City Children's Hospital in Dallas are recovering after battling infections over the holiday season.

The family is chronicling the Owen and Emmett Ezell's' progress, as well as setbacks, since their separation surgery in August 2013 on The Ezell Twins blog.

Jenni Ezell says Owen was first to get sick, battling a bug he's had before that has to do with bacteria in his trachestomy tubing. "He is feeling much better now, and plays like there is no tomorrow," Ezell wrote on the blog.

"Emmett's infection was septic, meaning it infected multiple parts of his body," she wrote. Ezell says despite not being able to pinpoint the cause of the infection doctors treated Emmett with the right antibiotics and he too is feeling much better.

Ezell goes on to say that hopes that the boys could go home in three to four month have been delayed and may be delayed again, which makes planning for the future needs of their entire family difficult.

The Ezells are selling T-shirts through their blog that read, "The Works of God Displayed in Them, John 9:1-3."

The funds donated go into a trust fund set up for Emmett and Owen and their direct care.

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