New Texas Law Inspires Arlington Girls to Set Up Lemonade Stand

After Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a law this week legalizing lemonade stands, young entrepreneurs are setting up shop.

Eight-year-old Avery Bench first got the idea when she overheard some adults talk about the new law that would prevent cities or neighborhood associations from banning kids from selling drinks on private property.

She and 4-year-old Emmy took the idea to their mom, Sara.

"We set up down by our pool, and they had a little table with a cute neon pink sign," Bench said.

For three hours, the girls sold drinks in their Arlington neighborhood. They emptied two bottles of lemonade and collected a few other donations along the way.

"I think it's great. You know, teach kids to earn a little bit of money and Avery kept track of how many sales she made," Bench said.

Avery said she hadn't totaled her final sales, but she believed it's more than enough for their goal of surprising dad with something special come Sunday.

"I feel really proud of myself, my sister and my mom that we earned that much to buy him a really nice Father's Day present," Avery said.

The bill, which passed unanimously in both chambers, will become law Sept. 1.

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