New TABC Unit Traces Alcohol Back to Source in Criminal Cases

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The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has launched a new unit that will trace alcohol back to its source when alcohol is a factor in a crime.

The Target Responsibility for Alcohol-Connected Emergencies unit, or TRACE started this year and is made up of 10 investigators that will most often be following up on DWI incidents that result in an injury or death.

“The need to cut down on DWI’s in the state of Texas was the driving force behind this,” TABC Captain David Whitt said. “And it was our agency trying to better streamline how we were investigating these."

Whitt said the unit has already issued numerous violations and made multiple arrests this year when it has discovered someone was criminally over-served.

It’s an effort that families, like the Amezquitas also believe is important. The family lost Jose Amezquita when his car was struck by a suspected drunk driver in March.

“While it won’t bring my dad back it makes me happy to hear they are holding more people accountable,” said Janette Moreno, Amezquita's daughter.

Whitt said stories like the Amezquita’s add another level of importance to the work being done by the TRACE unit.

“It impacts the investigators and I think it gives them a little more drive than they would normally have to get out there and enforce the law,” Whitt said.

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