New surveillance video shows suspects connected to homicide of armored car guard

No arrests have been made

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Dallas Police released surveillance video showing the suspects and the getaway vehicle connected to the homicide of 52-year-old David Ruback, the armored car guard gunned down Friday morning.

According to an update from police, Ruback and his partner were in the process of delivering cash to a business located on the 100 block of South Carroll Avenue. The video shows a white Chevrolet Impala with black rims driving up to the parking lot.

Tuesday evening was the first time Ruback’s girlfriend, Terry Ball watched the video.

“It's hard to watch,” Ball said. “It definitely seems like the suspects knew exactly what they were doing.”

The video shows two masked suspects dressed in all-black steps of out the vehicle. The back door of the armored car is open and the feet of one of the guards can be seen on the right side of the surveillance video.

“That's David in the back,” Ball said.

The video shows the suspect in the passenger seat following Ruback towards the door of a business. Police say the suspect shot Ruback before they picked up the bag of cash and left in the whole vehicle.

"There's a car that pulls in and almost hits the guy," Ball said after watching the video. "Like, why didn't they get the license plate of that car and get details or something, you know?"

Police have not identified the suspects involved or located the vehicle.

"If somebody knows something and can just come forward, talk to the detective or, you know, talk to somebody, just make an anonymous tip," Ball said. "I mean, even if it's just an anonymous tip that helps bring his killers to justice. It's just been very hard for all of us involved."

 Ball said she hopes there can soon be a cash reward for anyone who comes forward with information.

“There's nothing that's going to be gained from this,” Ball said. “I mean, if you come into that kind of money, how are you going to spend it? And no one notices that suddenly you have all that. I mean, somebody out there does know something.”

Back near the scene of the crime, employees throughout the shopping center said they were still in shock.

“That's scary,” Graciela Cervantes said. Cervantes’ mother owns a business across the street from where Ruback was shot and killed. “That’s really scary because you can't even tell who it is. They are all covered up like that.”

This year, her family business added surveillance cameras.

“I’ve had them for a while, actually,” Cervantes said. “We just try to make sure that anyone that comes in isn’t spending too much time suspiciously or asking us questions about how long we’re here or when we leave.”

Cervantes hopes more lighting and officer patrol will be added to the area.

“Maybe to be more vigilant, police,” I know they eat here often. That makes me feel a little safer around lunchtime. Just lights, a lot more lights when it gets darker would be great.”

Now, Ball hangs on to her hopes for justice and the memories. As she prepares to say her final goodbye on Friday.

“We really thought that we were going to be growing old together,” Ball said. “My life changed in one day. My whole life changed in one day.”

Dallas Police ask anyone with information on who the suspects are or about the vehicle to call 911.

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