New Six Flags Rides Ready to Take Riders for a Spin

This weekend, Six Flags Over Texas will debut three new head-spinning rides.

All of them are located in the park's newly expanded Gotham City area and are inspired by some of Batman's biggest foes.

"Riddler Revenge" sends riders soaring nearly 150 feet in the air as it swings them back and forth – all while they rotate 360 degrees.

"Catwoman Whip" wastes no time spinning riders at high speeds, first horizontally and then vertically – at one point, turning them almost completely upside down.

"Harley Quinn Spin-Sanity" is a fresh take on the park's classic "Crazy Legs" ride, which spins and tilts riders up to 30 feet in the air.

"They're really intense and they just put a smile on your face," said Chad Carter, a blogger for Theme Park Review, which showcases new and unique rides across the world. "You know, on a roller coaster, you get off it and you're like, 'I want to ride that again.' But on these, you kind of giggle all the way through it or make fun of your friends for getting a little green."

Season pass holders can ride the new rides starting May 26. They open to the general public on May 28.

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