New Six Flags Ride ‘El Diablo' Throws Thrill Seekers for a Loop

A new attraction at Six Flags Over Texas is now open and ready to throw thrill seekers for a loop.

"El Diablo" is 100-foot-tall looping coaster that takes riders through six full 360-degree revolutions, going forward and backward.

"This year we decided on El Diablo because it is a pure thrill ride," said Steve Martindale, park president of Six Flags Over Texas at Arlington.

Halfway through the ride, the cars pause briefly at the top of the loop, giving riders some serious hang time, before sending them back through in the opposite direction.

"One of the things I challenge people to do is ride it while looking sideways, so you can see the park turning upside down over and over frontward and backwards," said Martindale. "Keep your eyes open and enjoy the scenery."

At top speed, the ride completes a full revolution in 6.66 seconds.

The entire ride lasts for about one minute and 40 seconds.

El Diablo was built by Larson International, a company based in Plainview, Texas.

"It was built by Texans," said Martindale. "So we're really proud to have it."

The ride is located in the Spain section of the park.

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