New School Buses Roll Out in Keller ISD

Students in Keller Independent School District go back to school Wednesday, but some parents are nervous there may be some school bus confusion.

This school year, Keller ISD started using a new school bus company, Texas Central School Bus under the parent company of North America Central School Bus (NACSB).

“NACSB is the fourth-largest student transportation provider in the nation with more than 2,800 buses in eight states,” Keller ISD said in a press release when announcing the new partnership.

Parents have expressed concern about confusion about routes.

According to Keller ISD representatives, all driver positions are staffed and drivers have been practicing and timing out bus routes.

Keller ISD released the following statement:

Keller ISD welcomed a new transportation provider, Texas Central School Bus, for the 2019-20 school year, and its employees have worked diligently transitioning to the most effective systems and processes in order to have routes and bus stop information in place for every eligible student.

Information for regular riders is available on and TCSB has communicated information directly to families of students in specialized programs. Additionally, TCSB organizes daily transportation from KISD high schools to the Keller Center for Advanced Learning, and has processed pay-for-ride applications for families that live less than two miles from their home campus. Hazardous routes are evaluated annually, regardless of the District’s transportation provider, taking into consideration changes in road conditions since the end of school. Families who have questions or concerns about bus stops are encouraged to call the TCSB offices at 817-744-1300.

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